Date Night Edition

Date Night is our Girl's Night's hipper best friend. She smokes, she drinks, all the guys love her, and she is dirty.
Bring your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, in this all gender friendly interactive Date Night. Remember the last time you got together with friends and said "We need to do this more often"? Bring those people too. In fact, bring them ALL...We are happy to be your best excuse to get the gang together and to catch up with your coupled friends.

Here's What You Get:

Our performers take the stage waxing honestly about relationships and sex -- just like a comedy show (except no one is going to be singled out and made fun of for their occupation). Afterwards, we divvy up for games! You and your mate drink our beer and wine, eat our pub mix, and are parts of teams to win big and then you play against each other! Does your competitive spirit drive your partner insane? Well, make them crazy/jealous of your mad game skillz to win the Date Night themed Prizes!

Date Night - games, relationships, sex - [just not necessarily in that order!]