What It's All About

Come see the sisters you never knew you had talk about the stuff you thought only you went through. There's wine, chocolate, pajama pants, and a raffle! 

More than just a show.  Our Time of the Month is all kinds of interactive fun!

Straight off the bat you're sipping delicious wine and eating chocolate. A superhero name and haiku later, you're having fun answering a few prompts on the wall. You point to one and laugh, and the girl next to you says, "That one's mine!" You have a full on conversation about how your exboyfriends traded down. Next, performers come out and prove that even your most mundane story is actually fascinating. They continue on with short 1-2 minute plays, and you think, "I thought I was the only one who felt that way." Next, you want to share that terrible story about how that one time, that one thing, went that one way, and we can't stop laughing with you. The girl next to you, your new friend, is laughing hard, tears in her eyes, and she says, "The same thing happened to me!" After a fantastic night of shared stories, your belly happy with cabernet and chocolat, you hold your raffle ticket in your hand and hope you win the secret prize. You don't even know what it is, but you want it! Lastly, we put the music on blast, finish the wine, scarf the rest of the chocolate, and DANCE! You had a great time! You made new friends! You tell your other friends, "Hey, there's this thing, Once a Month, and we HAVE to go to the next one!"

Important Notes for Newbies:

1.  Bring a girlfriend.  This experience is best shared.
2.  Wear comfy pajamas.  Nothing sexy.  This is a good ol' fashioned PJ PARTY!
3.  No boys.  We like them - even love some of them - but, this here is girls only! 
4.  Prepare to be surprised.  That's right, plan for the unexpected.  Anticipate the unanticipatable. 

Join us.  You'll be really happy you did.

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