The Girls!

Who are the Girls? Well, the blond, redhead and brunette not only represent different hair colors, but they're all under 5'6! Shorties rule!

Lira, April and Tracy all went to college together.  Which means that they go waaaay back. 

Lira Kellerman is a hair model. That means she's too short to be a runway model.

April Wade was not named after the month she was born in. October Wade, however, is a great name for a band.

Tracy Clifton has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and can beat you with sticks. Although she once closed the fridge door on her own head, so you're probably safe.


On Any Given Night, You May Be Lucky Enough to Meet a Few of These Fabulous Gals:

Liesel Hlista

Jill Saunders is an actor from Dallas who is best known for playing serious, uptight bitches.  She is currently taking classes at the UCB to learn how to play funny, uptight bitches.

Eva Bloomfield is an actor and writer who hails from Chicago. She daylights as a digital media maven for a film studio & stuffs her face with vegan food.

You can watch Melanie Minichino embody her Italian father in her web series, "The Maurizio Show."  She is very excited to be a part of "Our Time of the Month" and promised everyone she'd leave her mustache at home.

Heather Horton believes that both The Kentucky Fried Movie and Kentucky Fried Chicken are a delightful experience.  One is full of racism and crack, the other was directed by John Landis

Growing up in NJ, Michelle Halterman always had big dreams for herself. Since performing in a great LA theatre production was on Michelle's vision board, she is now looking forward to winning an Oscar, marrying Zac Efron and living happily ever after in a Hollywood Hills mansion.

Rachel Lien, a Nebraska native actress, exuberantly loves the small things. She can usually excite an entire crowd of strangers to dance the jig with her on St. Patricks Day.

Jen Nikolaisen has always projected an air of composure and grace, but if you look closely, you’ll likely see a Junior Mint melted to her butt and hashbrowns in her hair.

You've heard Emily Berry's voice in countless radio ads. You've seen Emily Berry's pasties in countless Hollywood Burlesque shows.

Tara Donovan has played a "young mom" twice on TV this year. She thinks Hollywood and her mom are Facebook friends.

Mirai Booth-Ong is the epitome of Eurasian - Asians think she's White and Whites think she's Asian. Don't tell anyone, but if you squeeze her hard enough, confetti pops out.